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Bespoke physiotherapy for all levels

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Proven systematic approach to assessing every subdomain of a concussion: headache, vestibular, oculomotor, cervical and mood. A tailored rehabilitation program prescribed as every concussion is different.


Will assess the current function (I like to call this the floor) and strategize what level of function you need to get too (the ceiling). Rehabilitation will have a strong emphasis on exercise and a variety of  techniques including manual therapy, IMS, blood flow restriction training, or therapeutic modalities if appropriate.

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Home Visit

I work with your home environment to create your own home 'gym' so that your rehabilitation program is bespoke to you and can be followed easily and effortlessly within your normal day to day routine.


Certified vestibular therapist utilizing infrared goggles for accurate diagnosis of BPPV and other vestibular and balance disorders.

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Choose the best option for your bespoke rehabilitation and performance journey below.

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